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When you buy the Kasahians product, you are going to apply the product in your very own private home. Actually, you can apply it anywhere you are in the world whether you are at the office, at a restaurant or even at the grocery. Wherever you are, you sure can use the user-friendly pen-like applicator of Idol White. Its design is simply perfect for those who find it hard to use those strips and gels that are offered in the market today. The best thing about this product also is that the application in itself only takes 30 seconds! Yes, it is that fast! You do not need to hang your teeth open for hours as if you are in the dentist's clinic. The ingredients in the product are safe and you can go on and eat a meal afterwards.

You need to use the product two times a day for about 14-21 days and each time, the shade of your teeth gets lighter and whiter. Buy Idol White today and see the enormous difference it makes.