Idol White: Achieve the "Idol Kardashian Smile"

You might ask what is the "Idol Kardashian Smile" and who are they anyway? If you ask this question, sad to say, you might be living inside a cave for too long. First, the Kardashians are popular reality TV stars that all have the set of perfect white teeth. You might think they are TV stars, of course they have the perfect set of white teeth! Here is where the second point comes in, these celebrities do not go to the dentist anymore since the coming of Idol White.

What is the Idol White? It is a teeth whitening product that does not require you to go to the dentist. Yes, this product can actually be applied anywhere you are! With two easy steps in just 30 seconds, you are done! First step is to release the lock of this pen applicator. Second step is to apply it on to your teeth. Yes, it is that simple! You do not need to hold your mouth open and let it dry because it dries so quickly! The product is proven safe and effective. It has no drugs or hazardous materials that can affect your health. Just use the product as often as twice a day for 2-3 weeks and you will see the undeniable results!Idol White is simply the best and convenient way to make your teeth whiter and your breath fresher in each and every application. Now the "Idol Kardashian Smile" is not too far away to reach with just two easy steps. Why Have Yellow Teeth? Get a Free Tooth Whitening Kit!